Saturday, 11 February 2012


It is long overdue, but I thought it was worth posting the fantastic job all students from year 6 did about Picasso.  During the first term we studied his amazing life and work.  The students really enjoyed creating their own self portrait "Picasso Style" using different patterns and color schemes.

Well done!!! You have all done a GREAT work!!!!!

My little Picassos


  1. I know your pupils have learned much about Picasso. I had an evidence in my own class. It's an amazing activity to work Picasso and the portrait. Congratulations for kids!!
    And great idea "word of the week" I love the first one.

  2. Thank you Cesar!!! I have chosen the first one, but the kids will be doing it from next week!!!!!

  3. Con permiso, yo escribiré en español jeje. La verdad es que hicisteis un trabajo estupendo con Picasso y no se si seguís con él, pero si te interesa, encontré un juego online para dibujar como él en el ordenador. Te paso el enlace de la entrada:
    Un beso enorme y me alegro de haber encontrado tu blog. Seguiremos entrando a veros