Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Finally, the day came. After talking and talking about lots of different, wonderful artists and their work, we had a real artist coming to our school to show us his paintings and talk to us about a wonderful art movement called "expressionism".

 Mr. Cardello himself came to our school. Eppo is a very talented artist which expresses himself through different art forms, painting, music and writing. He was born in Barcelona where he studied Fine Arts at the Liceo Sant Jordi and took various courses at the Escola Massana and the “Conservatorio Superior de Musica” of the Liceo. He broadened his knowledge and his art studies in a number of different European cities including Barcelona, Rome and Madrid. When he first came to Murcia he fell in love with its light and is now living here with his family.

We all throughly enjoyed his visit (teachers and pupils) and learnt a great deal. When asking the pupils what they liked the most, here is what they said:
I love the way he paints his feelings (Esther)
His pictures are very moving (Somaya)
Art is everywhere (María)
We loved the way he explained everything and made us feel what he felt when he painted them (Isa, Vero and Celia)
The two and a half hours went very fast (Miriam)
He has got an amazing imagination (Mohammed)
One picture was so beautiful that it made me cry (Miriam)
We are all artists (Omnia)
He likes children (José Mariano)
He is an amazing man (Mohammed)
He is a very talented painter (Celia)
He made us think (Gloria)
He let us touch one of his paintings (Ayoub)
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After the visit I had a group of very excited children talking about light, texture, colour, emotions and asking to see more pictures of Eppo, Otto Dix, Goya, etc. As a teacher, what more could I ask for?????? From CEIP San Isidoro a massive THANK YOU to Eppo and Cristina for making a difference.


  1. "He made us think", wonderful!!!

  2. Isn´t it just???? Sorry you missed it, it was great and the kids just loved it!!!!!!