Sunday 22 December 2013

School to school

Last year we were given the opportunity to take part in a beautiful project organized by the "Vicente Ferrer Foundation" called "School to School".  This program offers a cultural exchange between Spanish schools and the supplementary schools of Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India. Through this exchange, the program aims to make children aware of the inequalities and they learn solidarity values and social justice.

The collaborating schools are complementary schools or reinforcement schools FVF, whose main objective is to ensure that children in the most disadvantaged communities of Andhra Pradesh can continue their studies.

The program covers different topics, last year we worked on a general introduction and this year we are working on cultural diversity.

We are having great fun learning about different ways of communication, gestures, greetings, ways of eating (we think is great fun to eat with our fingers, and the kids say how lucky Indian children are because they don´t have to use cutlery!!!!), we are even learning a few words in Telegu.

This a picture of our new friends earlier this year.

For this year project we are using the school iPads and although we can´t send the files through the web as they don´t have access to the Internet (they don´t even have electricity), we´ll print them and send via ordinary mail.  The app we are using is Pic Collage and it is fantastic. We have to think, work as a team, take photos, model, edit, be careful with our writing...

The above pictures are an example of Year 2 B.  They are working on greeting and gestures commonly used to express something.

Year 2 A is working on an English/Spanish dictionary to teach the children from Andhra Pradesh Spanish words and expressions.

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